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We sat down with Eddie Branson, our 2019 featured artist for the Summer Sunday Reggae Series. Eddie designed this year’s logo and we got to chat with him about his art, favorite projects, and inspiration.

Eddie Branson is an incredible artist, expert craftsman, and a lover of reggae. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland and grew up in Ocean City, MD. From a young age he has been passionate about building, drawing, and painting. He grew up with Capt. Hiram’s President, Will Collins’ father and uncles and credits them for inspiring his artistic taste and design style. Eddie’s passions also include carpentry and furniture restoration and says his appreciation for craftsmanship comes from Will’s Uncle Skip.

Eddie attended art school at the Delaware College of Art and Design where he studied illustration, ink painting, and 3D art. After graduating, he pursued photography and set design and has served as a prop master and art director on several short films. Eddie loves being creative because it’s a great way to relax and exercise the mind. His favorite thing about his creative projects is being able to take something insignificant and breathe new life into it. Eddie has worked on a number of creative projects from films to furniture, but he says his favorite projects are those where his clients give him a lot of creative freedom. He appreciates when people trust him enough to step back and let him go for it!

Eddie wanted this year’s Summer Sunday Reggae Series logo to feel warm and inviting and drew inspiration from the upbeat vibes of reggae and relaxation. He also made sure to incorporate the classic reggae colors of red, gold, and green. His design combines his usual artistic style with a playful and cartoonish twist. While Eddie says that working for clients can be nerve-wracking with so many eyes on the design, he appreciates the artistic freedom he had when designing the logo for the team at Capt. Hiram’s, saying that they were very open-minded with his creative choices.

The tradition for the Summer Sunday Reggae Series has been to feature a different artist every year for our logo design. There are some elements that are kept the same throughout the designs such as the reggae theme, circular design, and of course our Rasta Parrot. Check out his evolution through the years as we continue the concert series!

The 2019 Summer Sunday Reggae Series runs from Sunday, June 2 through August 25. For more details, please visit

Capt. Hiram’s Resort is located at 1606 N. Indian River Drive in Sebastian, Florida. For any questions regarding the Summer Sunday Reggae Series please contact the Captain’s Crew at or give us a call at 772-388-8588.
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