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Centennial Trail

11455 Jungle Trail, Vero Beach, FL 32963 

Located on Pelican Island, the Centennial trail opened one hundred years after the island was founded as the centerpiece of a nationwide celebration of this site and the National Wildlife Refuge system.

This trail is the easiest one of the refuge’s three hiking trails. The trail’s paved walkways and boardwalks make it accessible for wheelchair users. The whole reason to take the Centennial Trail little hike is for the bird-watching opportunities. Pelican Island has been an extended nesting area for brown pelicans, and this trail features a wide variety of birds.

The Centennial Trail’s first sighting starts with the welcome and historical kiosk. Then, you can be amazed by the black skimmers or other waterfowl. The trail then winds away from the kiosk along a wetland edge; expect to see along the famous Indian River Lagoon, with tall grasses and cabbage palms.

As the paved path continues along, it reaches the Centennial Boardwalk. If you look underfoot as you head up this ramp, you’ll be able to see the founding dates and names of every National Wildlife Refuge. You can also look down and out for egrets and egrets in a mangrove-lined canal.

The Centennial boardwalk ends with a covered observation deck with two free-to-public telescopes for viewing the island, home, and nesting area for brown pelicans. You can bring your binoculars to sweep over the landscape and spot different birds, such as green herons, ospreys, pelicans, and more!