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Experience the Spectacular Water Adventures in Sebastian!

Sebastian has a natural and rich history. It is a city that offers a number of activities and attractions. With its natural beauty and pristine waters, it will make you not want to leave. Sebastian is also home to Pelican Island and America’s first National Wildlife Refuge, so stroll and wander all you want. What you can also find here is a shipwreck from the 1715 Spanish Plate Fleet, art galleries and museums. Overall, Sebastian has everything.

Mel Fisher’s Treasure Museum – Sebastian

The Mel Fisher’s Treasure Museum has an amazing collection. It has Spanish artifacts and treasures inside! You can even have a glimpse of the treasure being uncovered from the 1715 fleet and have the opportunity to feel the weight of a solid gold bar! A visit to this museum will give you the chance to own a piece of history in a fine jewelry setting. Come and be amazed by these discoveries!

The Sebastian River Area Chamber of Commerce 

The Sebastian River Area is an ideal spot to hike, birdwatch and go horseback riding. What you will expect in this over 20,000 acres of the preserve are the St. Sebastian River Preserve State Park, which is considered as one of the top birding locations. And the Sebastian Inlet State Park, a popular state park in the southeast that is known for its one-of-a-kind surfing and fishing. 

Capt. Hiram’s Restaurant at Capt. Hiram’s Resort

Capt. Hiram’s Restaurant at Capt. Hiram’s Resort offers you an ideal place to have a perfect setting for any gatherings. With great planning, you can have a day to remember and a lovely accommodation that will fit everyone’s taste. Additionally, its Tiffany Room provides a panoramic view of the scenic Indian River Lagoon. If you want casual, elegance or everything in between, this is for you.