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Kroegel Homestead Produce: Fresh Flavors in Sebastian, FL

Kroegel Homestead Produce is in Sebastian, Florida, and offers fresh and flavorful produce. The stand has a rich history of over half a century and has been in the exact location for generations. Tim Timinsky, a proud fifth-generation native of Sebastian, has been running the establishment since 1987, making it an essential part of Sebastian’s history.

Originating as a modest mobile stand, Kroegel gradually evolved into a beloved local institution renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality produce and welcoming customer service. They are dedicated to sourcing the freshest products from regional and national markets while actively supporting local growers, ensuring diverse offerings for their loyal patrons.

Among their specialties, Kroegel takes pride in their vine-ripened tomatoes, which defy seasonal limitations by offering their juicy sweetness year-round. Additionally, they showcase an impressive selection of Florida citrus, including the tangy burst of grapefruits, the sweet seedlessness of navels, the January gem of honeybells, the fleeting delight of ortaniques in February and March, and the sunshine-sipping Valencias available from March through June. Customers can order these citrus treasures in various quantities, with shipping options available across the continental United States, albeit with additional considerations for those residing in Washington or Oregon.

Tim Timinsky’s deep connection to the land is further underscored by his lineage, as he is the grandson of Paul Kroegel, the visionary pioneer who championed Pelican Island as the inaugural National Wildlife Refuge in the United States. Thus, the soil that once cradled Paul’s dreams now serves as the nurturing foundation for Kroegel’s produce, imbuing each offering with a rich heritage and legacy.

In addition to their exceptional produce selection, Kroegel is embarking on an ambitious endeavor to create a “Food Forest” on their historic homestead. This innovative initiative will feature over 100 varieties of trees and botanicals, all grown naturally and free from pesticides, representing a harmonious blend of tradition and sustainability.

So, when your travels bring you to Sebastian, be sure to follow the irresistible scent of sun-ripened tomatoes and venture into Kroegel Homestead Produce, where the past seamlessly converges with the present, and every bite resonates with the warmth of sunshine and the echoes of generations past.

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