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On July 7th, also known as National Dive Bar Day, Garth Brooks announced his seven stop Dive Bar Tour inspired by his new single featuring Blake Shelton, appropriately titled “Dive Bar”. Brooks often expresses his appreciation for the good, old fashioned dive bar. “What I love about the dive bars is it’s got all the electricity of the stadium show, and it’s packed in this little room”, said Garth. His mini tour pays homage to his honky tonk roots and raises awareness about those local dive bars that seem to be gradually disappearing off the map.

Brooks announced that his second stop on the tour will be the Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, CA on August 15th. Will he make it back across the country to play a local dive bar here in Florida? We can’t tell you for sure but what we do know is that there will be another way for you to enjoy all your favorite Garth tunes here at Capt. Hiram’s resort very soon.

On August 29th, you will have the chance to get up close and personal with two of the biggest superstars in country music history. The “Garth & Shania” Tribute Show starts at 7pm and is free entry. We might not be able to see the real thing, but “Garth & Shania” will make you feel like they are here. Who knows? Maybe if Garth sees the energy of an awesome turnout, he might be inspired to add the Sandbar to his list of venues!

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