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McLarty Treasure Museum

13180 North A1A, Vero Beach, FL 32963 | +1 772-589-2147

Located less than 20 minutes from Sebastian, Florida, the McLarty Treasure Museum is part of the Sebastian Inlet State Park on the former “Survivors and Salvager’s Camp – 1715 Fleet” site. This museum displays the 1715 Spanish treasure fleet history and features different artifacts and a fantastic observation deck that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. 

The museum’s property was donated to the State of Florida by Mr. Robert McLarty, a retired Atlanta attorney and Vero Beach resident. This small museum paints the ill-fated 1715 fleet of eleven Spanish ships’ story. These ships were laden with riches, gold, silver, and copper, and as they were heading back to Spain, all eleven ships sank during a hurricane close to shore. 

Inside the museum, you can watch The Queen’s Jewels and the 1715 Fleet, an A&E Network production that tells the story of the fleet’s return attempt before a hurricane struck off the Florida coast more than 300 years ago. And still, over more than 300 years later, some salvagers still work offshore, hoping to find or recover the Queen’s Jewels. 

The McLarty Treasure Museum is open from 10 am to 4 pm every day -except holidays- and kids under 6 have free entry.