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Sebastian FL Zip Codes – A Short Guide

Are you trying to figure out the ZIP codes for Sebastian, Florida? You’re not alone. This city in Indian River County is home to over 25,000 residents spread across three unique ZIP codes.

Overview of Sebastian, FL

Sebastian is a city in Florida, where two rivers meet near the ocean. It’s a big city in its county and a favorite place for tourists. People come here because it’s close to beautiful places like wildlife refuges and parks.

In the year 2020, about 25,000 people lived there. Sebastian is part of a bigger area called the Sebastian−Vero Beach Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes the whole county.

Now, let’s go back in time a little bit. In 1715, some Spanish ships carrying treasure got caught in a big storm near this area, but most of the treasure is still hidden underwater. Can you believe it might be worth more than $500 million?

Sebastian used to be a small fishing village way back in the 1870s. Some folks like David Peter Gibson and Thomas New settled there. Thomas New wanted to start a post office and called it New Haven, but he got into trouble and lost his job. Later on, in 1882, the town officially started and was named St. Sebastian, after a saint. They dropped the “St.” from the town’s name but kept it for the river. Sebastian became a city in 1923.

And guess what? Nearby Pelican Island became the very first National Wildlife Refuge in the whole United States back in 1903. It’s a special place to protect animals and nature.

The ZIP Codes of Sebastian, FL

Sebastian, FL is covered by three ZIP codes: 32958, 32976, and 32978.

Sebastian, FL Covers 3 ZIP Codes

Sebastian, FL, a charming city on the east coast of Florida, is spanned by three ZIP codes. Each of these ZIP codes encompasses a unique collection of neighborhoods and areas within the city.

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