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Sites in or around Vero Beach

Vero Beach is a major tourist attraction on the central Atlantic coast within the Indian River Country due to its beautiful beach, excellent sport fishing and various natural, cultural and recreational activities. The following activities take place in and around Vero Beach, Florida.

McLarty Treasure Museum

The McLarty Treasure Museum relates the narrative of the ill-fated 1715 Spanish galleon fleet, which returned to Spain with gold, silver, copper and other valuables. Treasure hunters have a long, twisted, almost weird history of finding and reclaiming valuable metals. The Atlantic can transform into a vast wrecking ball during storms at sea and it has been destroying boats and ships since the birth of humanity. The McLarty Treasure Museum is the best spot to take it all in.

Vero Beach Museum of Art

The Vero Beach Museum of Art was founded in 1978 by the Alliance for the Arts to provide a regional center for the appreciation and instruction of both the arts and the humanities. The Museum is the principal visual arts venue on Florida’s Treasure Coast, serving a three-county area. Riverside Park is known for its neoclassical design, which runs alongside the beautiful Indian River. Because of its diverse exhibitions and diverse collection of art and various events such as art lessons, community gatherings and special youth events, it is recognized as the city’s cultural heart.

Seagrape Trail

Though there are various established municipal beaches in Vero Beach that are both attractive and convenient, those who prefer less-frequented settings can choose from more isolated and less-frequented options. Between Wabasso and North Beach, the bulk of the beaches on the trek are turtle breeding areas. On this beach, you can see treasure salvage boats that are only 20 feet long looking for riches in the sand, tiny sea turtle hatchlings (numerous nests) and long stretches of beautiful coastline.