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Treasures on the Treasure Coast.

You can find the city of Sebastian, Florida on the east coast of Florida. It is between Melbourne and Vero Beach in an area called the Treasure Coast. Visitors mainly come here for the sake of having a good rest and relaxation. But what you can also find here are local attractions and there are lots of them. 

Riverview Park.

For a place to gather with a family, business, friends, neighbors, Riverview Park is highly recommended! You can take your loved ones to picnic, for team building or retreat! Have a walk over to the park and check what is happening because yes there is always something happening here. 

Mel Fisher’s Treasure Museum.

 Mel Fisher has uncovered many mysteries of the deep for the last 40 years. This includes events such as the 1715 fleet of ships that were uncovered as well as the discovery of the main pile of the Nuestra Señora de Atocha in July 1985. Because of the many treasures Mel Fisher found, he opens his own museum to display his discoveries and the chronicles of the journey. Come and visit this museum to witness the discoveries yourself! 

LaPorte Farms.

LaPorte farms provide endless fun for everyone! With its blend of food, events, live entertainment and animals, your visit will not be in vain. You can engage and pet the animals here! They also have a detailed calendar that allows you to plan and know what is happening over so that on any given day, you can go and visit!